Tuesday, February 9, 2016


USMLE® Step 1 Qbank
Experience test-day Déjà-vu!

Want to achieve the highest possible score you can on USMLE Step 1? Answer as many practice-questions as possible! Kaplan’s Step 1 Qbank’s challenging questions are constantly updated by our expert faculty, including former NBME writers. All questions are reviewed by high scorers to ensure they simulate Step 1 and are relentlessly test relevant.

Here's what Step 1 Qbank offers you:
Track your performance by topic, by test, overall, and against other students. Get complete explanations of why distractors are wrong and learn how to make them right. Get must-know information quickly in our reKaps. Recognize a wider knowledge gap? Over 2,000 of our explanations include high-yield, overview tables from medEssentials.

  • Over 2,000 Step 1 practice questions, 1 diagnostic test and 2 full simulated exams
  • Exam-like practice, written by expert faculty and reviewed by high scorers
  • Visually rich content with images, clinical videos and heart sounds
  • Full explanations; reKaps, high-yield overview tables and First Aid page references
  • 200 mini-lectures (Qutorials) from expert faculty on the most challenging questions
  • Free Integrated App for iPhone® and Android™ for you to practice on the go
  • Expert support: If you need more help with USMLE Step 1 questions you can email our academic team at medfeedback@kaplan.com
  • Until Your Test® access (12 months). Get started earlier for a higher score.

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1. Anatomy (466.27 MB) Download
2. Behavioural Sciences (222.10 MB) Download
3. Biochemistry (296.51 MB) Download
4. Biostatistics (53.54 MB) Download
5. Embryology (101.71 MB) Download
6. Genetics (92.32 MB) Download
7. Histology (39.33 MB) Download
8. Immunology (199.19 MB) Download
9. Microbiology (145.02 MB) Download
10. Pathology (255.39 MB) Download 
11. Pathophysiology (605.83 MB) Download
12. Pharmacology (599.67 MB) Download
13. Physiology (301.34 MB) Download
14. Questions (28.35 MB) Download
15. Simex1 (23.50 MB) Download
16. Simex2 (64.31 MB) Download

(Use Your Computer to download, NOT use your mobile phone to download. Click the link, wait 5 seconds, and then click "SKIP THIS ADs" at the top-right corner to download ebook)
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  1. some jpg are corrupted..pls upload the corrected one..thanks in advance

  2. pictures of most of the answers do not open, please reupload

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  4. kindly, re upload Immunology. unfortunately ,It was deleted

  5. Pharmacology is not available either! cna you reupload?