Wednesday, February 3, 2016

First Aid Step 1 Express Videos 2014 (USMLERx)

Why choose First Aid Step 1 Express Videos?

  • 60+ hours of high-yield videos explain each fact from First Aid for the USMLE Step 1
  • Created by medical students and residents who have aced their boards
  • Integrations across multiple topics form strong, lasting connections to help you on test day
  • 600+ extra images and multimedia clips enhance First Aid instructor explanations
  • Exclusive 200-page color First Aid workbook reinforces the highest yield facts when used with the video course
  • No talking heads – we keep you engaged with on-screen highlights, photos, multimedia clips, and active learning questions
  • Study anytime, anywhere, and watch as many times as you want

USMLE-Rx products have already been battle-tested by thousands of users. Here’s what people are saying:

  • “I used USMLE-Rx and thought it was incredible… I scored 99 on the exam, which I largely attribute to the First Aid book and USMLE-Rx. Keep up the good work!!”
  • “Wow… USMLE-Rx is badass… USMLE-Rx was challenging and required secondary and tertiary analysis (2-step or 3-step thinking)… this is more representative of what the real test is like.”
  • “I own Kaplan Qbank as well and completed most of it… but I heard so many good things about USMLE-Rx that I just bought this and I love it! The explanations you provide are awesome compared to Kaplan Qbank.”

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1. Behavioral Science and Biostatistics (118.77 MB) Download
2. Biochemistry (787.53 MB) Download
3. Cardiovascular.part1 (800 MB) Download
4. Cardiovascular.part2 (800 MB) Download
5. Cardiovascular.part3 (800 MB) Download
6. Cardiovascular.part4 (120.19 MB) Download
7. Endocrinology (290.1 MB) Download
8. Gastrointestinal (232.26 MB) Download
9. Hematology and Oncology (371.98 MB) Download
10. Immunology (157.01 MB) Download
11. Microbiology (830.14 MB) Download
12. Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue (331.72 MB) Download
13. Neurology (481.14 MB) Download
14. Pathology (200.15 MB) Download
15. Pharmacology (307.22 MB) Download
16. Psychiatry (299.41 MB) Download
17. Renal (528.04 MB) Download
18. Reproductive (495.31 MB) Download
19. Respiratory (243.90 MB) Download

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